• Marumo (M2) received best presentation award at Fall meeting of ceramic society of Japan.
  • We joined open campus at Katsushika campus. (2022.8.10)
  • Our research proposal is adapted at Intensive Support for Young Promising Researchers (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization: NEDO), 2022.7.15
  • 2022-1st Workshop of Advanced Heat Resistant Composites and Coatings (Katsushika campus/Online) has been held. 2022.7.8 
  • K. Uonomi, K. Ueda, M. Ono, A. Omori, K. Taniguchi, J. Horie, D. Matsubara, T. Muraguchi, H. Yoshitomi joined our group, 2022.2.28 
  • B4 students, and M2 students received their diplomas. Congratulation !, 2022.3.18

Publication (link to full publication list)

  • Our Invited review paper is published in Journal of Japan Thermal Spray Society (PI: Inoue, 2023.5.1). Update!
  • A new paper (Alumni: Kiyomiya, PI: Inoue) is accepted in Materials Research Express (IOP publishing), 2023.4.26 Update!  This work is supported by JFE 21 century foundation.
  • A new paper (Alumni: Seki, PI: Inoue) is accepted in Journal of Composite Science (MDPI), 2023. 4. 3. Update!
  • A new paper (M1: Minagawa, PI: Inoue) is accepted in Advanced Engineering Materials (Wiley), 2023.2.16 Update!


  • Inoue (PI) presented at Annual meeting of Japan Ceramic Society held at Minatomirai Campus, Kanagawa Univ. (2023.3.10). The work is supported by NEDO.