• Inoue (PI) presented " Performance evaluation of ultra high temperature ceramic matrix composites and their multicomponent system" at 169th meeting of 124 committee of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) hold at Waseda University. Invited
  • Inoue (PI) presents "Damage evolution of alumite scale under mechanical loading" at annual conference of JSME held at Toyama University 
  • Inoue (PI) and our lab members present latest research output at Fall meeting of ceramic society of Japan hold at Toyama University. (2022.9)
  • Our lab members plan to present at International Conference of Materials and Processing (ICM&P) hold at Okinawa Pref. Municipal Center (2022.11)



  • We joined open campus at Katsushika campus. (2022.8.10)
  • Our research proposal is adapted at Intensive Support for Young Promising Researchers (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization: NEDO), 2022.7.15 Update!
  • 2022-1st Workshop of Advanced Heat Resistant Composites and Coatings (Katsushika campus/Online) has been held. 2022.7.8 Update!
  • K. Uonomi, K. Ueda, M. Ono, A. Omori, K. Taniguchi, J. Horie, D. Matsubara, T. Muraguchi, H. Yoshitomi joined our group, 2022.2.28 
  • B4 students, and M2 students received their diplomas. Congratulation !, 2022.3.18


  • 4th  workshop of Advanced High Temperature Composites and Coatings (online) has been held. 2021.11.11 
  • Third workshop ofAdvanced High Temperature Composites and Coatings has been held. Online, 2021.9.3)  
  • Research proposal related to thermal barrier coating using high entropy ceramics is adopted at Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory). 2021.7.9 
  • Research proposal related to multi-physics simulation for fabricating ceramic matrix composites is adopted at Grant-in-Aid for Scientific research (B)2021.4.1
  • B4 students received their diplomas. Congratulation! 2021.3.18
  • D. Aikawa, Y. Kurata, N. Koide, T. Koizumi, S. Touma, H. Minagawa, S. Watanabe (B4 students) joined our group 2021.3.1.


  • Our new paper is published from Journal of European Ceramic Society (Elsevier) 
  • Our new paper is published from Materials Research Express (IOP publishing). 2022.4.5
  • Our new paper is published from Journal of Materials Science (Springer) 2022.3.7


  • Inoue (PI) presented at 2nd research lecture meeting of Japan Thermal Spray Society (Online) 2022.4.5
  • Koide (B4) presented at 61th research lecture meeting of JSME, (Online) 2022.3.14
  • Inoue (PI) presented recent progress of our research at workshop of ceramics hold at NIMS, 2021.12.23.
  • Inoue presented 14th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramics and Glass Technology (PACRIM), (Online) 2021.12.16
  • Six students (Y. Inada, Y. Seki, K. Kiyomiya, T. Koizumi, S. Toma, H. Minagawa) presented at 2021M&P Symposium, (Online) 2021.11.19 
  • Four students (Y.Ishioka, Y. Kawada, H. Kozu, T. Marumo) presented  at the 34th fall meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan, (Online) 2021.9.3 
  • Inoue (PI) presented recent our research on three dimensional strain distribution imaging technique at high temperature at the fall meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan, Invited (Online) 2021.9.3
  • Inoue presented recent research on strain field imaging at elevated temperature at STAC12, Invited (Online) 2021.7.6