- New paper is accepted and published from Journal of Composites Science.  This article belongs to the Special issue :Ceramic Matrix Composite Edited by Prof. G. L. Vignoles (Univ. of Bordeaux, CNRS)). (2021.7.15) update!

- Inoue (PI) and four members will present our recent studies at 34th fall meeting of the Ceramic Society of Japan. (2021.7.9) update!

- Research proposal related to thermal barrier coating using high entropy ceramics is adopted at Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory)Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory). (2021.7.9) update!

- The information of 3rd workshop of Advanced heat resistant composites and coatings is updated. The program, and registration form is opened (2021.7.9) update!

- Inoue presents recent research on strain field imaging at elevated temperature at STAC12 (Invited) (2021.7.6) Update!

- Research proposal related to multi-physics simulation for fabricating ceramic matrix composites is adopted at Grant-in-Aid for Scientific research (B). (2021.4.1)

- Our new paper is accepted and published from Ceramics International (Elsevier). This work was carried out by H. Morigayama (Alumni) (2021.3.22)

- B4 students received their diplomas. Congratulation! (2021.3.18)

- Our new paper is accepted and published from International Journal of Ceramic Engineering & Science (Wiley). (2021.3.9)

- D. Aikawa, Y. Kurata, N. Koide, T. Koizumi, S. Touma, H. Minagawa, S. Watanabe (B4 students) joined our group (2021.3.1).

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